Where to get advice

You can get information about migration law from from a variety of sources, but always get advice from a professional in relation to your own personal circumstances.


  • Department of Home Affairs website: www.homeaffairs.gov.au
  • Department of Home Affairs helpline: 131 881
  • Friends
  • Education Agents
  • Seminars


  • Migration Agents (registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority): www.mara.gov.au
  • Solicitors (registered with Queensland Law Society or equivalent): www.qls.com.au
  • Accredited Specialists (registered with Queensland Law Society or equivalent)

Elizabeth Collins Fischer is the Principal Solicitor at Fischer Migration Lawyers.

Elizabeth is a Registered Migration Agent (registered in 2006) and Principal Solicitor (registered in 2012) with many years of experience, specialising in Australian immigration law. She has successfully represented clients to state authorities, skills assessors, the Department of Home Affairs, administrative tribunals, courts and the Minister of Immigration. She has practised in all areas of migration law including Skilled, Business, Family and Humanitarian streams.

Service Guarantee

Fischer Migration Lawyers is a Queensland law firm specialising in migration law. We’ve been consulting to small businesses, community organisations and private individuals for over a decade. We have a wealth of experience in all Australian visa and migration matters at all levels of application and review, as well as representing clients in peripheral matters related to business, family law, criminal law and conveyancing. We provide solutions to any questions or problems arising from Australian migration law and settlement. We accommodate for clients’ situation and can provide any level of representation and contact, adapted to specifications. We aim to provide accurate and reliable migration solutions using a person-centered approach, doing our utmost to provide for clients’ needs. Our clients are important to us, and we seek the best possible outcomes for them.

We are a law firm, specialising in Australian visa applications and soliciting of related evidence. As a business operating in Queensland, Australia, we are governed by the Fair Trading Act (1989) Qld and A New Tax System Act 1999.  We are also governed by the Legal Profession Act (2007) Qld and Legal Profession Regulations (2007) Qld, under which solicitors must demonstrate good character, up to date legal education and professional insurance in order to maintain annual renewal of a practising certificate.  As Registered Migration Agents, we are also governed by the Migration Act (1958) CthMigration Regulations (1994) Cth, Migration Agents Regulations (1998) Cth, which includes a Code of Conduct aimed at establishing proper standards for the conduct of migration agents. Please find enclosed information brochure on Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession.

In accordance with our duties under the Code of Conduct, we must not guarantee that clients will receive a visa, and we must provide them with an honest opinion as to their probability of success. Unless we have outlined a strategy to the contrary, we will only proceed to lodge an application where we believe that clients meet the requirements of the Migration Act, Regulations and Policy. In our experience, factors which will reduce this chance of success will include case officers making mistakes or not following policy, changes in client circumstances and changes to the Migration Act, Regulations or Policy or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

We can, however, guarantee that we will carry out the work required with professional skill and diligence. We provide client updates as they come to hand, or upon request, and notify clients urgently of their application outcome and any changes that occur throughout the application process. We guarantee that we will make every effort to avoid any conflict of interest. We will maintain total confidentiality and must obtain written authorisation to give and receive information on behalf of a client to any third party. Unless instructed otherwise in writing, we will destroy their file after seven (7) years. If clients wish to retain a copy of their file, clients should advise us accordingly before the expiration of that time.  If the file is not large then we are prepared to bear the photocopying costs when creating our record of that file, however, if the file is large then we will request that clients pay for such photocopying costs.

Using a Migration Agent

As a client, you can help us fulfill our service guarantee by giving clear instructions, promptly providing us with true information and documents when requested, telling us if you have any important time limits or if you have changed address, asking questions if you are not sure about anything, answering questions promptly and keeping in regular contact. Do not hesitate to ask for a progress report if you are worried about anything or do not hear from us when you reasonably expect. To ensure that your application remains current and accurate, you should not sell property, leave employment or finalise any business or personal affairs until after receipt of written approval of the application by DHA. If you anticipate being absent during a time when instructions will need to be given please make arrangements to enable contact. In the event that any document you provide is found to be fraudulent, we may withdraw our representation immediately.


Our fees are generally based on an hourly rate of $350 per hour. Clients may elect to pay fees based on either a fixed fee or lump sum method, as indicated below:

Fixed Fee
Lump Sum
Item Indicative fees

Client feedback

We value any feedback in relation to our service. We want to know if you are concerned about the way your matter is being handled. We will try to put it right and look into it promptly and thoroughly. The dispute may be referred to the Australian Commercial Disputes Resolution Centre (“ACDRC”) for arbitration, mediation or another Dispute Resolution Process if the issue has not been resolved within twenty-one (21) days. In the event that you are still unsatisfied, you may contact the Migration Agents Registration Authority or the Queensland Law Society to lodge a complaint and may also wish to seek independent legal advice in relation to any potential civil claim.

We love to hear positive feedback as well! Migrating to a new country is a life-changing event and we feel privileged to be a part of this important moment in our clients’ lives.

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