There has been a recent increase in visas cancellations and passenger turn-arounds, with limited recourse to judicial review from offshore. Australian permanent residents on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in early October, and returning shortly before the Brisbane G20 summit on 14 November, may face delays in security clearance. The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) have introduced new screening measures in response to terrorist threats posed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in neighbouring Syria and Iraq. ‘Security will have priority over passenger processing at airports. I appeal for travellers to show patience while officers do their jobs with respect and in accordance with the law,’ Minister Morrison said. The Migration Act allows for cancellation of even permanent visas on the basis of an association with a terrorist organisation. The Anti-Terrorist Act 2005 allows for 24 hours detention and interrogation without evidence.  Crimes under the act include “urging disaffection” of the government or the law.

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