Visa Types

Skilled Migration

For people with skilled experience or qualifications, particularly from Australian education providers, or with occupations in demand.

  • Employer Nomination

    You may be able to apply for permanent residence via
    direct entry (if you have three years of experience) or via the temporary residence transition scheme after two years on a 457.

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  • Regional Sponsored Migration

    Live and work in a regional area of Australia via direct entry (if your skills are assessed and certified in demand in your region) or
    temporary residence transition after two years on a 457.

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  • State / Territory Nomination

    State or territory governments may nominate you to apply for a permanent visa if your skills are in demand in the region.

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  • Distinguished Talent

    People with outstanding or award-winning skills in their field my apply for a distinguished talent visa.

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  • Skillselect

    Points for age, English language ability, Australian study and regional sponsorship may lead to an invitation to apply for Skilled
    Independent Visas and state nominations.

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